Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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Soul Talk Radio Network was originally was founded on the idea of of hearing other souls stories. In short their life journeys. The idea was that all of us have a story and all of us need to have our story heard. In addition, it was about the expression of artist through music, experience etc... Since 2011 when Soul Talk was started it has grown and expanded into new ideas and new ventures.

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Soul Talk Radio Show

Time: Saturdays at Noon EST (check updates here for show times)

Jeremy's Website: Click Here

Guest Call in Number is: 646-929-1371

In our world we are taught to look at everything in our world from an outward projections. We are taught what is beautiful, what is correct, what is wealth and success, joy and love from the perspective of looking at the outside world. This is not in alignment with who we truly are and because of this we have health, problems, added stress and unneeded suffering in our lives. Soul Talk is about looking at the world from an inner perspective, learning how to listen to our inner voice to guide us in our lives. Hear interviews from individuals about their Soul/Life Journey and their discussions of the soul on Soul Talk Radio Show.