Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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Soul Talk Radio Network was originally was founded on the idea of of hearing other souls stories. In short their life journeys. The idea was that all of us have a story and all of us need to have our story heard. In addition, it was about the expression of artist through music, experience etc... Since 2011 when Soul Talk was started it has grown and expanded into new ideas and new ventures.

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Originally it was co-hosted by Jeremy McDonald and Justin Duncan. Now it is not just a Radio Show it has grown into a network of shows a group of  friends and a Soul Family working together to bring truth to others.

As we discover more truth we share it with everyone of our friends, our network of followers and listeners. Now with 4 shows and growing Soul Talk Radio Network has shows like: Stillness in the Storm with Justin Deschamps and Julian Robles. 2013 and Beyond with Rashmi Khilnani and Jeremy McDonald and The world in the Now with Virginia Drake and Jeremy McDonald.

Soul Talk Radio Network is a part of the Lamplight Group, which was an idea of three friends in 2002 (Jeremy McDonald, Darryl Melton and Laurie McDonald *Jeremy's Mother*). The idea was to bring truth and alternative understanding to the people out there and provide them with ideas to help them lead a balanced, successful, loving and joyful life. It is the belief of the Lamplight Group that through greater understanding of One Self each individual will find Love, Success, Joy and Balance.

Contact Information:

Phone number: 813-421-2615

email: jmcdonald1974@gmail.com

Lamplight Group's Website is: Click Here

Jeremy's Website is: Click Here

Justin and Julian's Website is: Click Here

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